Dashiqiao Meidu refractory material Co. Ltd is located in the south of Dashiqiao City, Liaoning Province, Harbin Road 1495 km. Here is the famous origin of magnesite, and railway, highway, port and transport links. Our company is the domestic and foreign mining ore smelting fused magnesia, fused magnesia chrome spinel, magnesium aluminum spinel sand sand factory, production in the forefront of the same, in the domestic market has been in short supply.

All electric melting high pure magnesia brick produced by our company, direct combination of fused magnesia magnesia chrome bricks are used in production, its purity and price are better than that of the domestic industry.

Over the years our country in some well-known scientific research department, the design department and with the support of many large enterprises, has the development, development and production of a lot of trust products, and passed the provincial identification.

In the future, our company will continue to trust products, preferential prices, loyal service attitude, enthusiasm along with old friends, make new friends along with, enliven the open road, mutual benefit and cooperation. Is the new and old users to build a platform for the development of our factory. "The user is God, to the quality of survival, in good faith and development" is our basic idea. We will offer you the best quality products for your most sincere return!

  • Brake residue
  • insulating covering powder
  • Drainage sand
  • Ladle bricks
  • Ladle pouring material
  • Using Al2o3-mgo-c bricks ladle
  • Low Cement Castables
  • Carbon free brick for ladle
  • Ladle brick
  • alumina-magnesia-carbon brick
  • Taphole brick casing
  • Tar fettling drill
  • Converter hand feed
  • Magnesia carbon brick for converter
  • Final slag modifying agent for converter
  • Converter feed
  • The fast patching material
  • Used MgO-C brick of converter
  • Converter repair
  • Converter slag ball
  • Repairing material for BOF
  • Light burning magnesium ball
  • Tapping and repair material
  • Electric furnace magnesia carbon brick
  • Furnace bottom ramming material
  • Electric furnace magnesia carbon brick
  • Electric furnace spraying and filling material
  • Ferroalloy furnace bottom ramming material
  • Mold flux for continuous casting machine
  • Quick change nozzle supporting aluminum zirconium carbon
  • The nozzle, the ladle nozzle in aluminum carbon
  • Tundish slab and billet nozzle in aluminum carbon system
  • Quick setting siliceous fireclay
  • Long-life bag regulator
  • Quartz nozzle
  • The function of special refractories for continuous casting machine
  • Long-life magnesia type material in lump sum
  • Permanent layer castable long-life aluminium and magnesium in package
  • Long life pouring material impact plate (impact zone guard)
  • Tundish coating
  • Intermediate package alkaline dry vibration material
  • AL2O3-SIC-C brick
  • Magnesium olivine sand
  • Flake graphite
  • Light burned magnesium
  • Intermediate magnesia
  • Dead burned magnesite
  • High purity magnesia
  • Fused magnesia
  • Synthetic sintered magnesia
Professional technical guidance for free installation experience

Ten professional customer service team, all-round to help you

Fixed telephone, mobile phone hotline 24 hours online manual

Production line 6, improve the number of production; staff 38 system, improve production time; R & D personnel 13, research

Room two, improve product quality

Freight: motor, railway, shipping, logistics. A number of cooperative freight units to ensure time to reach, improve work efficiency

Company annual production of refractory bricks, refractory materials up to 200 thousand tons, sold at home and abroad major enterprises
Located in Dashiqiao Chinese magnesium magnesium refractories, refractory raw materials rich in resources, covering an area of 30 acres, has 180 production workers and 13 R & D personnel, 6 production lines

Has been rated as trustworthy brand refractories industry

Was named the National BrandName refractories

Meidu team, more than ten years of cooperation and win-win, creating, processing, improvement, development, updating, consistent industry


A number of steel mills, power plants, kiln industry designated units
  • Magnesia materials of construction projects in Dashiqiao City, won the 6 National Championship

    Magnesia materials of construction projects in Dashiqia......


    Dashiqiao new year on magnesia material deep processing project 38, plans a total investment of 1 billion 960 million yuan. At the end of the three quarter, the actual investment of 1 billion 610 mill......

  • Magnesium commodity index rose in May 7th

    Magnesium commodity index rose in May 7th


    Magnesium commodity index rose in May 7th. May 7th magnesium commodity index was 93.09, compared with 6, up 0.2 points, the highest point in the cycle of 114.43 points (2012-08-01) fell by 18.65%, com......

  • The main focus of magnesia refractory products production enterprise product sales joint meeting held in Dashiqiao

    The main focus of magnesia refractory products producti......


    In April 26, 2014, Chinese Refractories Industry Association held a national major magnesia refractory products manufacturer product sales joint meeting in Dashiqiao city of Liaoning Province, Yingkou......

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